Competition and Regulatory Affairs



  • Controlling concentrations: Notification, authorisation, letter of comfort to the national competition authorities and European Commission
  • Cartel and abuse of dominant position: Compliance programme, raids, assistance with the competent authorities (clemency, hearing, transaction, defence), local anti-competition practices
  • State Aid: Consultancy, assistance and defence before the European Commission and Courts


Regulatory Affairs/European Union Law

  • European Regulations on Products and Services: Lobbying on content of regulations, directives and decisions, consultancy on national enforcement. Sectors: Agro-food, insurance and social protection, healthcare, cosmetics, environment, phytosanitary, personal data, customs
  • Disputes in European Union law: Appeal for default before the European Commission, appeal for default and preliminary ruling before European and national courts
  • Compliance with the rights guaranteed by the European Convention on Human Rights