Mergers and Acquisitions / Company law


  • Mergers and Acquisitions: Takeovers and negotiated sales of companies and portfolios of tangible and intangible assets, cross-border operations, joint-ventures and strategic alliances
  • Capital investment: LBO, capital-risk, capital-development
  • Company restructuring: Mergers, partial contribution of assets, demergers, contributions in kind and similar operations
  • Corporate governance: Representation of boards of directors and steering committees, strategic assistance to development and implementation of governance policy and practices, risk management and crisis management
  • Company law: Balance sheet operations (recapitalisations, issue of securities), continued legal supervision, company creation, foreign set-up
  • Restructuring, supervision and management of arrangements with debtors and of forced liquidation procedure.


Dispute resolution:

  • Conflicts between partners (notably as part of joint-venture agreements, shareholder agreements, and commercial governance)
  • Implementation and management of disputes pertaining to takeover and transfer of companies (notably in terms of price calculation, or enforcement  of representations and warranties agreements)